Carlton M. Davis
Artist | Draftsman
Although Carlton Davis is known as both architect and writer, his primary interest has remained drawing. Following an extensive education in art and architecture at Yale University, the University of London in the UK, and the Art Institute of Chicago, Carl worked with drawing groups in Chicago, San Francisco, and in Los Angeles, where he has been a member of the art community since his move to the city in 1980. His drawings and sculpture have been exhibited in LA at Exile, the AAA Gallery, and at all the DADA (Downtown Artist Development Association) shows. Carl was founder and curator of the drive-by gallery, The Art Dock, from 1980 to 1986 in LA, and has published a website at about this period in his artistic life. He has written for numerous art and architectural periodicals: "Stroll," "UTurn," "LA Architect," and "Coagula Magazine" among others, in many of which his drawings are integral with his texts. In 2009, Carl published a book titled Bipolar Bare, a memoir of of his incredible 30-year struggle with Bipolar Disorder, an affliction common to many creative people. This book can be viewed on the web at:
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